Our School Yearbook Delivery Charges

For orders of 12 or more yearbooks delivery is FREE to the UK.

Our delivery charges for 1-12 yearbooks in the UK, or the shipping to Ireland & Europe depend on weight and are as follows (an average hardback yearbook weighs approximately 500g):

Product Weight BandUK Royal Mail PostUK Signed For CourierIreland & Europe
0 - 100g£2.99£4.99£4.99
101g - 250g£3.99£4.99£5.99
251g - 500g£4.99£6.99£8.99
500g - 1kgn/a£7.99£10.99
1kg - 2kgn/a£8.99£12.99
2kg - 5kgn/a£9.99£14.99
4kg - 10kgn/a£11.99£19.99
10kg - 50kgn/a£12.99£19.99
50kg - 200kgn/a£14.99£49.99