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Blank Portrait Hardback a

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A4, B5 or A5 - 40-300 Pages - IGNORE SYSTEM PRICE

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Premium Portrait Hardback School Yearbook

Prices as per our Transparent Online Price List https://www.askprint.co.uk/services/yearbook-printing-prices.php

Lots of Design Themes and Templates

Minimum order quantity of just 1 and FREE delivery.

Add Pages and Change the Size in our Fantasic Online Yearbook Designer.

Our Portrait Hardback Yearbooks can be:

  • A4 ... 210mm x 297mm
  • B5 ... 176mm x 250mm
  • A5 ... 148mm x 210mm

Our Hardback Yearbooks come with:

  • Perfect Bound Traditional Professional Hardback Book Binding
  • Traditional Gloss or Contemporary Soft Touch Matt Laminated Covers
  • Foiled Blocked Real Leather Cover Option
  • Thick 160gsm Satin Arctic White Satin Photo Paper
  • 40 up to 300 pages.
  • Free Cover Design or assistance
  • Fantastic Quality - Hand Made and Printed in the UK

You can easily add, edit and create designs and artwork in this and all our online products using our amazing and award winning online yearbook design software.

Our @AmazingASKPrint Online Yearbook Design Software features Include:

  • Snap to guides
  • Complete measurement control
  • Multiple photo effects
  • Full font and text layout facilities
  • Easy to use templates
  • A fantastic large range of over 190 backgrounds
  • Lots of clip art graphics to choose from

You can save your designs and return to them later.

Our Advanced Photo Album Management means that any photos you add to your album(s) can be managed and used on any of our other products.

All your designs, photos and artwork are created and securely stored in the UK cloud.

Our innovative online software has been designed and created in the UK, ensuring our high end and In-House UK factory based printing studio and lab receives the files ready to print with no image manipulation or colour degradation or font mapping issues.